Character Info

"Some say I’m smarter than average.
The rest statistically prove it."

ClassVizier 11

Father: Bayan Soldado (deceased)
Mother: Tayce Soldado
Brother: Charlo Soldado
Brother: Rhello Soldado
Uncle: Grau Soldado

WhereaboutsTraveling, bounty-hunting

Brienna's first brush with the adventuring life came when she fell deathly ill due to contact with a coin infected with Queen Ileosa's "blood veil" plague.  This sickness was intended to cleanse Korvosa of ethnic Varisians, and Brienna had inherited enough Varisian blood from her (deceased) father to qualify.  Her family being too poor to afford the healing services of the local Church of Abadar, she was doomed to die a hideous wasting death.  Her uncle, Grau Soldado intervened and sought the assistance of some local adventurers who he had brushed paths with.  The heroes of the Curse of the Crimson Throne adventure path cured her disease, earning the family's eternal gratefulness.

Shortly after recovering from this brush with death, Brienna began exhibiting odd - clearly magical - apparitions.  Various translucent, semi-solid items of clothing or accessories would sometimes manifest on her person, sometimes reacting to her mood by changing colour or shape.  Eventually a fully solid item came to be, a spongy ball of light which illuminated the space around her.  Local resources were only able to determine that this floating lightball was a creature related to lantern archons, but that they almost never visit the Material Plane, instead usually being called via magic rituals.  Further study showed that the magic form Brienna was exhibiting was a traditional Vudran talent referred to as Akasha.  Having no local experts, and with increasing sign of proficiency, Brienna managed to convince her mother to let her travel to Magnimar to study within the Pathfinder lodge there, under the supervision of Matriarch Sheila Heidmarch.

It is at that lodge that Brienna met the majority of the heroes of Shattered Star and began sneaking out to adventure, without her mother becoming the wiser.  Ever-increasing power and competence led to more epic challenges, and at one point Brienna's life was ended by an aggressive spider-monster.  Much to everyone's surprise - hers most of all - a brand new body was constructed nearby and within minutes her soul was transferred into that body.  It was later determined that the Lucent she had manifested via Akashic magic was somehow granting her an unusual form of limited immortality.  The party continued to adventure together, gathering shards of the ancient Runelord artifact known as the Sihedron.  These travels led her too temporarily return to her home of Korvosa, where she finally revealed her potency and competence to her mother, begrudgingly earning approval to adventure in open.

A second - more traditional - death found her within Kaer Maga, and her friends resorted to raise dead to bring her back to life.  Since then she has reconsidered her approach to adventuring and has spent her time bounty-hunting as means to gain life-skills, and experiences as she enters adulthood.  Her companion Lucent has left her, apparently preferring the company of Aurelia Boros but Brienna has found new friendship in the form of a sassy unicorn.


                  It all started when my life was saved by Aunty Abby.  She’s not really my aunt, but she is the queen’s daughter and bed-friend to Sabina, the queen’s ex-bodyguard and ex-bed-friend, who is now leader of the guard because the ex-leader of the guard is now the queen because she killed the queen.  Aunty Abby killed the queen, not Sabina.  Or the queen.  I mean, the queen didn’t kill the queen.  Uh… I mentioned there are three different queens in this story, right?

                  I can explain.

                  First, do you know where we are?  Magnimar.  Geography lesson!  Magnimar is the biggest city on the Lost Coast, right here.  It’s famous for the incredibly huge Bridge to Nowhere, built by the ancient Thassilonian Empire.

                  Right, Thassilon.  History lesson!  See, about 10,000 years ago, this whole area was a continent, and the main people were Thassilonians.  Then the aboleths ruined it all…

                  Okay.  Aboleths.  Dungeoneering lesson!  Aboleths are kind of fish monster gods.  Really powerful, really unnatural.  Anyway, they were kind of jealous of the Thassilonians, so they used magic to pull a giant rock out of the sky and smack it into the middle of the continent.  Poof.  Bye-bye Thassilon.  Hello ocean.

                  So anyway, back to history, it’s interesting because the Thassilonians had some really powerful mages too.  They called themselves Runelords.  And coincidentally, one of them didn’t die when the big rock fell out of the sky, and just a few years ago he tried to get out of his magic panic-room and re-dominate the world, but some heroes from a town called Sandpoint, right… here… rose up and stopped him.  Small world.

                  By the way, also recently, some drow elves tried to repeat the aboleths’ trick and pull down another sky rock, but they got stopped too.  Dick move, drow elves, dick move.

                  Back to Aunty Abby who isn’t from Magnimar… time for geography, religion, history, and nobility all at once!  See, this country, Chelliax had some rough times after Aroden died (he’s the god who died a while back), so they made a deal with Asmodeus, the evil god who rules Hell, and times got better, at least for the royal family.  The queen of Chelliax… that’s Aunty Abby’s mom.  Kind of an open secret.  But see, last year some of Chelliax decided they didn’t want to be part of the whole devil-worship thing, so they told the queen to go stuff her head up her… um… hat.

                  Well, one of the leaders of that rebellion was a mighty warrior lady.  But because it’s a small world, she has a mighty wizard brother who was part of the group that closed this Worldwound thing right… here.

                  Planes lesson!  The Worldwound was a massive country-sized portal that opened up right into the Abyss, where the demons live.  Totally crap neighbors for everyone around.  So, these guys closed it down because the demon parties were too loud.  One of the folks who did that was a really powerful priest of Abadar, and he became bed-friends with Nocticula, demon goddess of lust and darkness.  Get this… the guy turned evil.  Nobody’s surprised.  But funny thing… Nocticula stopped being evil.  Weird, huh?

                  So, Aunty Abby left Chelliax because her mom was being mean because of all the rebellions and stuff, and came to the city where I was born, Korvosa.  We also have a giant Thassilonian relic like the bridge here in Magnimar, but ours is a huge pyramid thing that our castle is built on.  And in the castle, we had our own queen, who was also kind of a bad lady.  She went nuts and started a plague, which killed an awful lot of people.  Don’t worry… Abby and her friends killed the queen by exploding their witch-doctor at her.  And now someone else is queen because we didn’t want an evil, dead, exploded queen.  But anyway, the first person to get sick from the queen’s plague… well, yeah, that was me.  I would’ve died too because my mom couldn’t afford healing from the church of Abadar (whose basic tenets of faith are “wear uncomfortable clothes and never be generous”), but then Abby paid for it.

                  And that’s how Aunty Abby saved my life.

                  Oh, and when I got better from the sick, I started seeing things that aren’t there, until I want them to be there, and then they are there and then they’re awesome.

  • Survived the "blood veil" plague created by Queen Ileosa to kill ethnic Varisians, due to the intervention of PCs
  • Assisted in recovery of two shards of the Sihedron
  • Assisted in the recovery of the soul of Grumbles and his subsequent resurrection
  • Was a holder of an aspect of power over the abyssal realms controlled by Riario, manifested in the Lucent provided by the first akashic veil she manifested
  • Was temporarily immortal as the portion of power invested in her Lucent reconstructed her body while transferring her soul into the new one if she was killed
  • Is most recently traveling in the company of a half-celestial unicorn named Kleo