As the political scene in the ancient kingdom of Taldor explodes into chaos, players take the roles of agents, advocates and saboteurs working for Princess Eutropia to help secure her claim to the throne and prevent the nation from collapsing into civil war. Along the way, the heroes must recover hidden secrets of Taldor's past — many deliberately hidden — and grow from relative nobodies to powerful politicians and spymasters in the deadliest political arena in the Inner Sea!

Campaign Journals

Before starting my own, i read jounals from all across the lands, the most famous from magnimar always caught attention with something, i wanted to try it out.

Oh radiant watcher over allllll, this lowely lucent repooorts.
Ya i can see how that gets annoying after a time.

Upon the paper script
an invitation is writ

a task to large for one
now a true quest has begun

the task given by lady martella
to attend the royal gala

five invited in total earnest
with a guest by our illusionist

he a small furry creature indeed
her gown designed to mislead

never to miss a celebration
the hefty eat with most acceleration

his size marking him apart
but nothing was larger then his heart

creation is in his folds
his craft was a marvel to behold

much can be done in just one breath
but this one seems far to stressed

an opposition with moves of grace
the poor thing can't help be barefaced

The final comes with heaps of knowledge
time well spent at the expensive college

his actions taken out of rebel passion
kicked from the family for his action
in mid days light
the gala was at its height

Princesses were wooed
while aristoract bitches booed

Those who can't catch there breath
spoke the aristocrat to death

Escape was hard for those on wheels
as our bard shows off his squeels

Judge offered his gift of gratitude
with just a squeeck we improved the baron's attitude

Not long after the party had begun
a rich daughter ruined all the fun

With a quip and a spell
in a lulliby they fell

But will we let this ruin our day

Rat Traps

#8 The Mask Mandate
Protect contamination-sensitive areas such as alchemy labs, necromantic experimentation facilities and masquerade orgies from unwanted maskless intruder by placing a simple divination spell at their entrances.  Have the divination detect unwanted imbeciles and then trigger as many lightning bolt traps as you can afford.  Nuke the ignorant from orbit before the mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging, fact-denying morons can spew into your potion of lustrous hair or onto your Roombazombie (TM), or onto your lover's face before you can.  It's the only way to be sure.

#7 - The Inside Job
To demoralize and devastate your enemies, specially construct a series of classic wizard towers then spread rumours that items your foes desire are within.  An illusion should be used to mask that the construction is done out of wood but giving the appearance of traditional stone.  Complicated spiral staircases should make travel within slow and arduous.  Once your foes have made their way from the sole entrances at the base to the rumoured loot at the top, a divination spell should alert that phase two of the trap is ready to be sprung.  A pair of dominated hippogriphs (ideally from Korvosa's Sable Company) should be compelled to fly their unwitting riders directly into the side of the towers.  Small fire elementals previously hidden within the towers, trapped in ice tomb hexes will now be broken free, setting the towers ablaze.  While your foes struggle to escape their smoky, burning doom, the structure of the towers burn and collapse, crumbling around them, plunging them to certain death.

#6 - Automated Alarm
Obtain a grey parrot and place it in a cage somewhat near to a door you wish to be alerted to the tampering with.  Teach the parrot phrases of your choice, associating them with stressful situations.  This may require some patience.  Care should be taken to not harm the parrot but merely threaten it.  Place a platform to the side of the cage.  Suspend a curtain between the platform and the cage and run the rope holding this curtain back to the door being protected.  Rig a trip-wire to cause the rope to be severed if the door is opened without detaching the wire first.  Finally, have a skilled person cast a permanent illusion on top of the platform, in the form of something dangerous such as a burning flame, identical-appearing parrot, or lunging alligator.  Do not forget to feed the parrot.

#5 - Ball of Frustration
Craft a hollow wooden sphere in halves.  Use a rubber strap on the inside to keep the  two halves pulled together to complete the sphere, but allowing them to be separated with effort, allowing access to the inside.  Carve holes in it in various shapes such as stars, circles, squares, and ovals.  Cut a series of polished stones matching the shape and sizes of each of the holes.  The clear intention is that the stones can be pushed through the holes into the sphere, giving the appearance of a simple shape-matching puzzle.  Make one - and only one - of the stones slightly too large or misshapen to fit in its corresponding hole.  Ideally have several similar-shaped holes but ensure this one stone cannot be inserted through any of the holes.  This trap is sure to have a long-term impact on the mental well-being of any child to whom it is given.  Likely outcomes include obsessive-compulsive disorder, insanity, and career paths as a barbarian.

#4 - Eye Spy With My Bleeding Eye
Have a wood-worker carve a long, hollow tube the length of a broom-handle.  Insert a high-tension spring and affix the open end of the tube to the inside of a door that needs to be made intruder-proof.  Drill a hole through the door at the point that the tube meets the door.  Drill a small hole in the tube.  Insert a long spear-like weapon, blunt-end first, using padded gloves to avoid being harmed by the spear.  Place a pin through the hole in the tube to hold the projectile in place and run a trigger wire to the handle of the door such that opening it will release the pin.  Finally, cover the hole on the outside of the door with a false peep-hole lens, hiding it from detection.  For extra verisimilitude and inclusion, repeat the process at varying heights on the door, providing apparent peep-holes for humans, gnomes, and politicians - in descending social stature and moral value.

#3 - The Dainty Dagger-Dispensing Door
Enlist the service of any available fairy armies and trade for their backup melee weapons.  Note: a frugal trap-designer can extract the greatest value of daggers from fairies by offering payment in pizza.  Conceal these tiny knives in the ceiling above the door that is to be secured, affixing them to the bottom of large bricks of stone and surrounding them with concealing dust and webs.  Run a wire from the door's handle mechanism over a set of pulleys in the ceiling to the top of the blocks of stone, suspending them in place.  Finally, construct a bladed attachment that severs the wire if the latch is opened without pulling it outwards first.  An unsuspecting intruder attempting to open the door will cause the daggers to be driven into their skull, propelled by the weight of the blocks of stone they are attached to and inflicting death by a thousand cuts.  As a secondary benefit, the bricks are likely to also crush the intruder.

#2 - The Baffling Door
Place false hinges and handles as well as an obvious but non-functional latch on the outside of a door that opens outwards.  Unsuspecting or uninformed intruders will naturally become irrationally frustrated by repeatedly pulling the door.  Madness is guaranteed.  Authorized individuals will be informed that a hidden release nearby activates a cantilevered mechanism that retracts locking pins from the door, allowing it to be easily pushed open.  A more deadly version can be created by adding labels on the door with the word "pull" in multiple languages.

#1 - The Electrified Drawer
Transfer stored lightning into a glass bottle.  Conceal a small pulley within a desk or cabinet.  Suspend the glass bottle with a thin rope, positioned high within the cabinet or desk.  Provide sufficient rope for the bottle to be lowered, and loop the spare rope around an inside nail and drill a small hole near it to the outside.  Use copper wire as a conductive conduit between the bottle and the pull handle on a drawer.  Since lightning pours downhill, anyone contacting the handle will cause the stored power to flow into their body.  Safe access can be gained by using a hook tool to snag the spare rope, pull it through the hole to the outside, unloop it from the interior nail, and lower the bottle below the drawer.  Note: If magic is available, an option to capture the moment of the intruder's doom and display it afterwards may provide hours of entertainment.