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DeityIrandus Vuldare


Before the fall of Aroden, the Kellids ruled over their lost capital country of Sarkoris. The strongest of the tribes called themselves rulers, ruler-ship changing as tribes grew and lost power. When the grounds tore open and the Worldwound split the land, the Kellids fought bravely and lost their kin and lands to the battle against the demons. They became extinct.

It wasn't until the Fifth Mendevian Crusades in 4713AR that some of his people were found and revived. It was discovered that the last appointed Prince of Sarkoris was transformed into stone, and revived by what was his first image upon awakening Riario. After learning of the fate of his people and the poor warrior like choices that lead to their demise he promised to change, to be a better leader. He took to Riario's lessons and changed as a man. From Barbarian to cultured historian. Once the Worldwound was closed, it was time to spread the word of Riario to all the lands, the god that saved the last of his people.

Unfortunately during his multiple deaths while trying to save the world from a soon to be resurrected mummy lord, he lost faith in his god, who he felt, would insult him every time he failed. Not long after, during his final attempt and rebirth, he gave in to another of the gods of wrath, Irandus Vuldare. But even this was not enough. Irandus is a man of deals and whatever bargain Udwin made with him, it seems he collected, Udwin has not returned to the living.

  • Started the first church of Riario
  • Started the first church of Irandus
  • Holds the record for most deaths

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