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DM: Paul S. Gazo

Campaign Journals

The team formally known as ‘The E-Team’ has once again come together as one in order to take on the perilous quest of solving a Missing persons case! We are looking for the one and only Egorian native “Draylor Vaultrand”. Noted playwright that the Umbral Dragon wishes to learn more of ‘Religion” from. Even massive scaled beasts need Heyseuss Chreesto.

Not just any case though, this is bestowed upon them by as stated earlier by creature type, Ethanathor the Umbral Dragon. This humble beast sent us to Egorian via the magical footrest (see: wizard) dubbed ‘Uber’ with 1 major rule:

“What happens in Egorian, does not involve, pertain to or hereby include mentioning of Ethanathor.”

Arriving in Egorian the E-Team discovered the well populated city had a bustling theatre scene. A quick retainer payment to Uber ensured no one gets left behind unless you’re late. Finding a multitude of playhouses/theatres to attend and investigate…so long as you were not one of the following third class cretinous mouthbreathers:

-          Halfings

-          Tieflings

Also it is to be noted that upon arrival rumor of the illegal activity “Wearing a Mask in Public” occurred. Though no one saw it but only heard of it in passing it could not have been done by E-Team yet was coincidentally synced to their arrival.

The investigation began at a playhouse called “Curtain Alley”. There yet another rumor that no one directly heard but are also ‘not aware’ of that a 2nd playwright named “Bartilamus Cartwright” is a play thief! The cur is rumored by no original source in particular to have stolen/plagiarized/mimicked/insert-additonal-synonyms-here a play called “The Sorcerers Gamble” which was a rousing success but is no longer in theatres (and rumored-not-rumored scheduled for magical cassette release) from our missing person aka Draylor, aka “That guy” aka “Autohypnosis”.

The party also gained the knowledge of a new play by the innocent until proven guilty thief hereby referred to as “Bart-Cart” called “Sword of Dragonslake” is being practiced at the mildly upscale “Night Raven Theatre”. Arriving there mid-day the E-Team learned several important things:

  1.       The theatre is closed for practice.
  2.       In 2 nights Sword of Dragonslake will be having its opening night.
  3.       Hell week is real.
  4.       The theatre is closed or practice to those who don’t bully Halfing Filth.

It was this point the group met Bart-Cart who overzealously micromanaged his acting & stage staff like any good Michael Bay impersonator would. Having been accused of thievery the Team was escorted out. All but 1 member who not so stealthily went invisible before all staff within the theatre. Stalking through the back of house area and following Bart-Cart to a tavern our intrepid Wruce Bayne(Rob character name I don’t remember) re-joined the party and proceeded to enter the establishment in order to corner the possibly pilfering playwright and get him to confess.

It was not meant to be however as the self-absorbed Inquisitor paid no attention to the man behind the curtain (See: The plan WE WERE SUPPOSED TO FOLLOW BUT I DIDN’T LISTEN) as the buildings prided portrait of Queen Abrogail III had its frame crack. With the building closing down E-Team took the chance and dragged the playwright upon exiting to a nearby alley. There he was interrogated (see: Choked & threatened as per bylaw 127-AC) where our team of some heroes some villains some melon vendors discovered Bart-Cart being regularly visited by ‘The Dark Lady’. His muse, his soulmate, the person providing the stolen plays! He was “convinced” (Again see bylaw 127-AC) into bringing the party back into the theatre the following day to interview his staff.

Full disclosure on the “interrogation””

  • Gets visited by the Veiled Lady/Dark Lady
  • Said lady was believed to be the dancer Dezria by the party until further investigation pointed to Actress Isadora
  • Very few interactions have occurred between Bart-Cart & Dark Lady
  • Dark Lady has a very seductive voice, smooth as can be, disarmingly so.
  • Dark Lady gave him the books to copy into his own handwriting.
  • A total of 3 visits thus far have occurred
  • 3rd play to be copied is called “Day of Crimson Twilight”
  • Suspected dancer Dezria doesn’t stay at the Night Raven Theatre during Hell Week like other staff do.
  • Bart-Cart does not know home location of Dancer Dezria

Notable staff members are as follows:

  1.       Main Actor: Ricard Pret
  2.       Main Actress: Isadora Shade
  3.       Special Effects: Vizmeer the Wizard
  4.       Dancer: Dezria
  5.       Owner & Operator of Night Raven Theatre: Nathaniel “Maybe a vampire*Knowledge Religion* Not a vampire” Bloodrain

First Interview: Dezria

-          Is a new arrival to Egorian but the woman was no stranger to Egorian but perhaps a native? Can’t confirm if she is native.

-          Rumored to be closer to Draylor than she led on but unable to confirm.

-          She is an exemplar of the thespian craft, albeit naïve and likely to end up on the casting couch.

-          Was primary suspect, party has since dropped her from the list

Second Interview: Isadora Shade

-          Isadora knew Draylor, having worked with him before.

-          Explained that Draylor was ‘asking for things she would not give’.

-          Puts on a serious, well-groomed and maintained front, enough to fool spells like Discern Lies.

-          Now primary(ish) suspect, depending on the ‘murder date’ in the forest being investigated.

Third interview: Ricard Pret

-          We discovered he clearly shares a human bloodline with our Melon Vendor Brogarth for being smoothly diplomatic and clever in conversation.

-          Claimed to know missing person “Draylor Vaultrand”, which he did, after we mentioned the name prior during the interview as the first question….

-          He lives solely for the stage! Having won 7 unimportant small statues from award shows no one watches.

-          His rival in gaining pointless statues for doing your job is: “Gregor Vain”

List of people left to interview:

-          Owner Nathaniel Bloodrain

-          Special Effects Wizard Vizmeer (If Needed)

As the interviews were conducted Wruce Bayne(Rob character name I don’t remember) invisibly investigated Isadora’s room once we suspected her more heavily. First found was a small elephant statue that was really a music box. He also found some kind of red dust on her footwear but was unable to obtain a sizable sample; thus serving proof of always needing a bigger Utility Belt of Holding. Also found in her closet upon rummaging through and enacting multiple semi-legal privacy violations in accordance to bylaw ID-10-T subsection “Boundaries without a warrant” was a bouquet of dead roses and a note. Isadora has a “number 1 fan” otherwise known as “If I can’t have you no one can” whose name is “Brenton Grenton”.

Brenton, Said “number 1 fan” had a note with the flowers that in excruciating details described the ‘murder date’ in the forest as noted above. This is to be investigated.

Current Plan by the E-Team in priority:

  1. Remember to not mention Ethanathor the Umbral Dragon
  2. Interview Owner Nathaniel Bloodrain.
  3. “Convince” (see: Extort & “Interrogate”) Bartilamus Cartwright (Plagarlist Playwright) to not be at the Night Raven Theatre on Opening Night of “Swords of Dragonslake”.
  4. Find Brenton Grenton and “Interrogate” about the murder date note to Isadora.
  5. Find Draylor Cartwright and return him, if possible, alive to Ethanathor for Error_Loot_Variable_Not_Found.