From the ashes of Thassilon, an ancient power shall rise again!

The ancient empire of the runelords may be long dead, yet the legacy of Thassilon continues to haunt the frontier realm of Varisia. With the rise of one runelord only narrowly thwarted, Korvosa reeling after the curse of the Crimson Throne nearly brought the city to its knees, and Riddleport rebuilding after a close call with a falling star, the people of Varisia fear that the greatest threat to their land has yet to play its hand. When agents of the newest Pathfinder Society lodge in Magnimar learn of a fragmented artifact scattered throughout the lands of old Thassilon, it falls to a new band of heroes to step in and gather up the seven fragments of this Shattered Star. For if the greatest prize of Thassilon's first ruler cannot save Varisia... what can?

DMs: Adam Hansen (primary), Amanda Campbell (partial)

Campaign Journals

Oh Radiant Watcher Over All, This Lowly Lucent Reports…

              This Lowly Lucent is pleased to announce that it has made contact with The One It Watches, hereinafter referred to as The Twat.  The Twat has made acquaintance with a number of remarkable individuals about who This Lowly Lucent shall shortly make remarks.  This momentous meeting of minds took place at the Heidmarch Manor, where its matron, Sheila Heidmarch requested each attend for purposes of assigning some important task.

              The attendees at this meeting include one self-styled Anesthia Rakall who bears the taint of fiend upon her brow, and has an unfortunate penchant for handling items which do not belong to her.  This Lowly Lucent wonders if this fiend is related to the Rakalls of Korvosa.  As well, a half-elf musician of violent style was present, named Freydis Erikdottir, and This Lowly Lucent submits the suggestion that this individual bears watching as she has supernatural charm and exceptional fist.  Finally, one of the Disdainful Race, a gnome presented itself, occasionally demonstrating morphic feline characteristics and some larceny-based inclinations similar to that of the devilspawn.  This one called itself Alamaar Bulvarion for reasons that This Lowly Lucent is certain make sense to him,

              Ultimately, the matron put forth a challenge, suggesting that if the group as a whole could open a mysterious artifact box, they would demonstrate their competence and be assigned the job which was originally teased.  The bloodthirsty bard gently handled the odd magical box and casually placed it, face up and open on the table, asking simply “like this?”  Several pugwampi leapt from the box and required pacification, at which point the matron of the house declared the demonstration successful, lamenting that the party might have given her opportunity to leave the room before completing the challenge.

              The job presented to the party as to locate one Natalia Vankaskerkin, who was in possession of an item that Matron Heidmarch wishes to possess herself.

              Locating Natalia’s whereabouts required association with a distasteful false seer claiming the unfortunate moniker “The Amazing Zograth”.  This mortal refused audience until his place of business was serenaded by the party bard to the extent that all traffic into said place of business ceased.  At that time, much bullshit was spewed, and after distasteful graft was spent, a hint that a visit to the Dockway might be beneficial was given.

              In turn, the trail lead to the suggestion that various people had gone missing and one bountied man named Plutivark was ultimately captured in the night while trying to capture the party.  This Lowly Lucent submits that the city of Magnimar is unlawful and should be considered for being burned to the ground by a pillar of cleansing holy light at earliest convenience.

Interrogation revealed that Plutivark had falsely created rumours of missing individuals for purpose of drawing unsuspecting Pathfinders into his trap.  Upon turning him over for incarceration and the bounty on his head, city watch revealed that incidents of missing people were not fictional, and one Catrina Sojuci was questioned to no profitable end.

Following this, the path to find Natalia lead the party to an individual with an overcapacity of impacted fecal matter named Fenster The Blight.  This individual spewed little but lies, which This Lowly Lucent was proud to detect.  Soon after, a previous home of an associate of Natalia Vankaskerkin was investigated, at which place the associate was not located, but Natalia was.

Further adventure to follow.

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