Character Info

ClassBard 8

Leader: Marquess Lofdynn "Riario" of Girolamo, Steward of Drezen

WhereaboutsSarkoris Redeemed

Nurah Dendiwhar originally came to the Worldwound at the tender age of 20, the youngest member of Lord Axilar Trezbot’s entourage from Isger. Her abusive master’s obsession with achieving greater in the Fourth Mendevian Crusade pulled her into battle alongside him, forcing her to serve as both a scribe for his exploits and a tactician directing his troops as they sought to retake Citadel Drezen. Not initially enamored with the crusade, Nurah came to relish the carnage, having become somewhat desensitized to fiends after her years in Isger and Cheliax. Her admiration for demons grew over time, peaking when a group of tiefling assassins and babaus led by a possessed crusader tore apart Lord Axilar’s legion and unexpectedly freed her from servitude when they slew her master before her very eyes.

There was never a question in Nurah’s mind at that point—she pledged her service to the demons once she was the last survivor. The commander of the victorious demons revealed himself to be a shadow demon named Eustoyriax, and accepted Nurah’s surrender, sending her with several other prisoners to Raliscrad to be processed. There, the lilitu demon Minagho saw the potential in Nurah’s tainted soul, and after making sure her change of allegiance was real, sent her back to the crusaders as a spy for the Templars of the Ivory Labyrinth.

Since then, she has excelled in the role of long-term saboteur. She greatly enjoys going virtually unnoticed and unsuspected as she passes information to her masters—all while arranging the deaths of the more devout crusaders in the Worldwound. Being assigned to Queen Galfrey as one of several advisors was the result of many months of nerve-wracking machinations, and when the queen asked Nurah to assist the PCs, she at first was secretly frustrated at having to give up her position at the queen’s side. But the more she learns about the PCs, the more she sees personally engineering their fall from grace as an even greater challenge and triumph than bringing low the queen herself.

Nurah has become skilled at presenting herself as an expert on the early Mendevian Crusades and the lore of ancient Sarkoris. She augments the value of her knowledge by pretending to be an excellent traveling companion—generous and complimentary without being a sycophant. She has cast herself as a tenacious survivor much like the PCs—blessed with luck and skill, while equally dedicated to stopping the demon incursion. In reality, her contacts among Baphomet’s cult have instructed her to undertake her greatest challenge yet: the undoing of the PCs and the new threat posed by their mythic status.