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ClassKineticist 8


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Amenophis was the pharaohs royal researcher, his duties included studies to grow his lords influence and power over the lands. This was during Osirion's second age, with his master being the Pharaoh of Numbers. The pharaoh began instructing Amenophis to study the magic of of a distant planet Aucturn. In his studies he learned of great dark magics that he could bend to his will, magic of the dark tapestry, of emptiness, of the Great old Ones. During his studies, he seemed to dance on the edge of darkness, walking the line between infinite insanity of nothingness, and great power. He was given the name Locus Walker by those around him, a moniker that in time replaced the memory of his name entirely. During a ritual for his lord, and with his pharaoh lord he was surprised by used as the material component for the spell. His mind and body were flung into the spell, launching through the dark tapestry. His body and mind splitting a part taking different paths through the void. Locus Walker spent the rest of his time learning to understand his formless shape, took years to mold the void into a shape. This helped to understand himself, and separate himself from the dark tapestry. Finally he emerged back on Golarion, a shape barely held together. But it must, until he can find his solution, the necronomicon, which has since been created, this is the key to his salvation.

Little does Locus know, as his journey progresses he feels less connected to the mortal plane, and more with the vast emptiness of the dark tapestry. Never wanting to return to his mortal shape.

  • Does not walk, flies continually
  • Does not eat
  • Does not sleep
  • Does not breath and can live in a vacuum