The Legendary Planet Adventure Path is a spectacular sword-and-planet saga blending sci-fi and fantasy, magic and machines with an exciting pulp sensibility and style. This campaign takes your characters from 1st to 20th level and beyond, from the quiet backwoods of a fantasy world to sights and wonders beyond imagination in the farthest reaches of the cosmos! This incredible series comprises seven massive adventures, each taking the heroes to an entirely new world with exotic environments and cosmic civilizations, from grungy desert planets to water-worlds and from fascistic dieselpunk asteroid mines to a Dyson sphere over a hundred million miles across.

DMs: Paul S. Gazo

Campaign Journals

Previously, on Lego Planet...

(A less-than-complete recap of our sessions playing Legendary Planet)

We returned to Beacon without much trouble, avoiding Purity's attention as best we could, and from there took the trebuchet to Choke. Choke is aptly named, as the local industry has completely fouled the atmosphere, but maybe the constant haze is a boon to its more shady residents, like the smuggler Drom, whom we made contract with to secure passage to Pestilence. Pestilence was formerly known as Deliverance, until a plague quickly wiped out most of its inhabitants, and now transit to it is keenly monitored by Purity, lest someone inexplicably return looking somewhat less than healthy. But Pestilence isn't completely dead, as there still remain some giant mutated purple worms roaming about that Drom colourfully described using wildly improbable sex-toys. If we ever find a way back to Golarion, I can think of a couple places I could bring him that would let him take that walk on the wild side that he so clearly has been craving. Drom was good enough to drop us off near to the sealed fortress housing the gondola to Zenith. That particular gondola was a deathtrap just waiting to shake apart at the merest suggestion of speed, and so we spent a few days repairing it first. Zenith is home to the Zenith Gate, but it is also rumored to house a sect of uber-fascist Purity types who may have engineered Pestilence's plague to begin with, so we had best stay on our toes.

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