The Legendary Planet Adventure Path is a spectacular sword-and-planet saga blending sci-fi and fantasy, magic and machines with an exciting pulp sensibility and style. This campaign takes your characters from 1st to 20th level and beyond, from the quiet backwoods of a fantasy world to sights and wonders beyond imagination in the farthest reaches of the cosmos! This incredible series comprises seven massive adventures, each taking the heroes to an entirely new world with exotic environments and cosmic civilizations, from grungy desert planets to water-worlds and from fascistic dieselpunk asteroid mines to a Dyson sphere over a hundred million miles across.

DMs: Paul S. Gazo

Campaign Journals

Previously, on Lego Planet...

(A less-than-complete recap of our sessions playing Legendary Planet)

In the aftermath of the calamity that befell Kylorn, the few that survived tried as best they could to continue on a world that was suddenly almost completely anathema to life. When food stores inevitably ran low, and with little hope of rescue, they turned to magical means to guarantee their continued existence. One group managed to infuse their souls into constructs, while another sought the cold embrace of undeath. The Oracle is a member of the first, whereas the Empress Zaphora, nominal ruler over all of Kylorn, lies firmly in the second camp. She resides in the Palace of the Eternal Sunset of the Lifeless Mind, which coincidentally happens to be right over the master gate control mechanism we have been searching for. Now who wants to bet that she has a problem only a bunch of transient busybodies would be perfectly poised to solve?

The Palace sits on the world's terminator, an area of perpetual twilight between night and day, a mere three days ride from the Citadel of the Oracle by giant purple lizard (not a euphemism). Not long after we set out, we rescued a local hunter who was willing to guide us the rest of the way, but with the ominous warning that none who have entered the Palace have ever returned. I hasten to point out that, should we be successful in finding and using the master ring gate to leave this devastated world, the aforementioned warning would still appear valid, if utterly misleading.

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