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RaceHuman.  Totally.
ClassMedic 10

Father: Tycho Sloane


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Iggy grew up in a town called Thrushmoor in Ustalav.  Thrushmoor had absolutely nothing that a young girl could want.  No shops with pretty clothes and knick knacks, no fields filled with flowers, and a really strong concentration of cults.  As a result of being completely bored all of the time, Iggy quickly developed a habit of looking for, and getting into, trouble. Unfortunately, she wasn’t particularly good at getting out.

    Thankfully, her father was very respected throughout the town. In the sense that people were too afraid of him to risk his anger. Her father and his friends had (according to them) defeated an old god or something, although everyone around the town claimed that they had escaped the asylum on the island and kept murdering people until the town agreed to let them stay.  As a result, when Iggy would be collared exploring the back room of a store, the shop keeper would usually stop yelling the moment they saw her face and ask how her father was.  When she would get caught by a cult, she would end up tied to another altar, or sitting in the middle of another ritual circle until her father would just show up and start feeding people to sharks until they let her go. It’s probably important to point out that Iggy’s dad is a wizard, so it’s not like he carried the sharks in his pocket or anything. Or maybe he did.  He’s a bit weird.

    Having a magical lineage, Iggy assumed that she would have some magical aptitude.  However hard she tried though, she wasn’t able to cast even the simplest spell.  She was pretty convinced that she had cast spark once, but there was a candle that fell over at around the same time, so the events may have been related.  Her father was strangely fine with it.  Despite how crass, rude, and all around awful he was to virtually everyone else (including his friends), he was always patient and gentle with her.  He explained to her that neither of his parents had any magic at all, but that his mother was a very skilled herbalist.  So he started teaching Iggy herbalism, which she loved.

    Listening to her father tell stories about his mother made the fact that Iggy had never met her own mom expand from a vague emptiness to an all consuming void. The only thing her father would ever tell her though was “Yeah, she was super hot and all, but I guess she just couldn’t handle my irresistible charms.  It was just that one night and then a few months later, she knocked on the door, shoved you in my arms, and fucked right off. She was a hell of a woman”. So Iggy would swallow down the sadness, fix a smile on her face, and keep working next to him.

    That’s not to say that her father was Iggy’s only family though.  Her father’s friends and their children were always there when she needed them.  Particularly her Uncle Ian’s son, Archie. Archie was (INSERT PERSONALITY STUFF UP IN HURR). He was also Iggy’s best friend. The more time Iggy and Archie spent together, the more trouble they would find themselves in.  The more trouble they would find themselves in, the more they would get hurt. The more they would get hurt, the more Iggy realized that helping to patch up their various scrapes, cuts, breaks, and bruises gave her a sense of purpose.

    As Iggy got older, the yearning that she felt to find herself, to find purpose, to find her mother,  became all consuming. Archie was the one who she could always count on to be up for an adventure.  The more they would travel together, the more keenly Iggy would feel her wanderlust. So the day that Archie said that they should go on a REAL adventure, just like their dads, Iggy was packed and ready to go before he had even finished speaking.

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