Character Info

ClassMalefex 8

Father: Lawd Cherunder
Brother: Barrett Lawdsson


When your father is a continent-famous bohemian wizard renowned for liberating cities, draining kegs, and wooing anyone willing to be wooed, there isn't much need to talk about your mother.  Still, Beryl is known to start conversations with a cheery "hi, my mother is a bear, is that seat taken?"  Strongly of the opinion that every sentence should be an ice-breaker, she has carved her own path through life outside the shadow of her father's vices.  Raised in the area in and around the Ashwood forest in Varisia, she found early delight in all things edible.  A frequent visitor to (a rapidly rebuilding and expanding) Turtleback Ferry, she endeared herself to all of the local cooks, chefs, bakers, and public-house owners.  Having learned that a broad smile (with or without fangs, depending on circumstances) will attract more honey than flies, she practiced being liked, much in the way that other children practiced reading and writing.  Living a wandering lifestyle as a youth, she now leads a nomadic adolescence, wandering the continent in search of amusing experiences.  Apparently the apple has not fallen far from the tree.

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