Character Info

RaceDemon (succubus)
ClassMaster spy 6 / Trickster 3
RelationshipsHusband: Marquess Lofdynn "Riario" of Girolamo, Steward of Drezen
Child: Unknown
Child: Unknown

Arueshalae came to the Worldwound in 4636 AR. After she seduced and drained a Desnan priestess nearly to death, she used detect thoughts on her victim out of curiosity, as being an outsider she never needs to sleep or dream. She ended up being drawn into the Dimension of Dreams and trapped there after the priestess died.

This act drew Desna's attention to Arueshalae. Despite the murder of one of her priestesses, Desna did not smite Arueshalae, instead deciding to reach into her soul. Arueshalae was flooded with memories of the dreams she had had in her mortal life which never came true. Desna whispered: "Even demons can dream."

Arueshalae later woke up, filled with memories and regret, and set out to secretly redeem herself, but she was discovered when she tried to save a child who had been lost in the Worldwound. Knowing that the crusaders would not accept her, she decided to hide in the Worldwound until she could learn something vital to be presented to the crusaders and thereby prove her good intentions.

When she learned of how the Templars of the Ivory Labyrinth were using Nahyndrian crystals to infuse demons with mythic power, she tried to investigate, only to be captured and imprisoned under Drezen. Zuhra Aponavicius tried to force Arueshalae to revert to evil, but was forced to leave Drezen and join the southern front before she could succeed. In the meantime, Arueshalae's prayers to Desna were answered: the wards of her cell failed, and she fled Drezen to hide in the ruined Desnan fortress which her victim dreamt about while trying to aid the crusaders.