Character Info


Mother - Abrogail Thrune II

Rumoured Father -Larko Karn

Cohort - Ditrexidum


Abby's story starts unexpectedly with an old dock worker from Westcrown. Larko worked as a member of the Children of Westcrown, a rebellion group against the Chelish governments rule over Westcrown. After winning a victory and earning Westcrown some freedom from Cheliax. He put his new skills of stealth and deception to use at Tsar. He was consistently pulled away to perform tasks for The Children as further steps to stop the House of Thrune.

During his work, he was tasked with assassinating Queen Abrogail Thrune II. But something changed, and he did not do it. Instead the two had a child in secret. Larko having realized he was used, ran away for fear of the Queen, knowing she no longer needed him. Why the Queen needed a secret child with this man is still unknown.

The child born of their union was kept a secret, but named Princess Abrogail Thrune III.

  • Saved the city of Korvosa from a death plague
  • Is now councilor to the Queen of Korvosa
  • Currently working on an alliance between all newly freed states, against Cheliax.

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