Character Info

ClassAristocrat 2 / Sorcerer 16


WhereaboutsCheliax (Egorian)

Her Infernal Majestrix, Queen Abrogail II of the Thrice-Damned House of Thrune is the sixth ruler to wear the crown of the diabolical nation since her great-grandmother Abrogail Thrune I took control of the warring noble houses in 4640 AR. As a young monarch, she receives advice from her pit fiend courtier, Gorthoklek, who also served her great-grandmother. Asmodeus himself provided an erinyes named Contessa Lrilatha to serve as the young queen's instructor.

Beautiful and ruthless (in addition to being a powerful sorceress), Abrogail makes a strong leader for Cheliax. According to rumour, Abrogail is an immature, demanding, and spoilt ruler, but she has nevertheless proven herself to be a vicious fighter on the political scene. Ironically, whispers say that her fiendish advisers rein in her darker impulses. What is certain is that her quick wit and daring schemes can only help Cheliax regain some of its lost imperial glory in the years to come.

The age of Queen Abrogail II has been deliberately obfuscated, with historical tomes being declared taboo unless containing the officially sanctioned information.  Her birth year has been rumoured to be as recent as 4692 AR, with her ascending to the throne at the age of 17, but very, very private debate argues evidence that her birth was either significantly earlier or later.  What few know definitively and fewer will admin, is that Queen Abrogail II has a daughter, nominally Princess Abrogail III.  This daughter bears striking resemblance to her mother, and once having reached her teens, this daughter was sometimes assumed to be the Queen herself.  This subterfuge serves both to stoke the Queen's vanity and to simultaneously protect the Queen and Princess both, as would-be assassins cannot be definitively certain they have the correct target in their sights and not just a look-alike.  Asmodeus himself apparently supports this, having endorsed the union that produced the Princess to the extent that divination magic regarding the matter is deflected from truth, rendering a variety of ages for the Queen, and producing locations ranging anywhere between the physical bodies of Queen and daughter.

  • Has reigned in an unprecedented period of loss for Cheliax, with Kintargo having very nearly seceded from the empire
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