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Character Info

AlignmentCG (functionally no alignment)
ClassKineticist Psion 20 / Overmind 9
DeityDesna (lax)

Wife: Arueshalae
Child: Unknown
Child: Unknown
Cohort: Pervenche "Harold"
Follower: Nurah Dendiwhar

StatusLiving, retired

  • Assisted with rehabilitation of the city-fortress of Drezen
  • Assisted defeating the Demon Lord Baphomet, claimed control of the Ivory Labyrinth layer of the Abyss - this layer is now altered so its mazes remain bone for evil-aligned creatures but are composed of marshmallow for all others
  • Assisted defeating the Demon Lord Deskari, claimed control of the Rasping Rifts layer of the Abyss - this layer is now altered so its insect inhabitants are now young felines and it is known informally as the Elemental Plane of Kittens... it is thus no less dangerous than previously
  • Assisted with closing the Worldwound
  • Control over the two Abyssal realms has been diluted into many sub-aspects which have been imbued in numerous promising adventurers throughout Golarion, so as to reduce his value as a target for ambitious demonkind